wchourservicesbulletpoint Complimentary Cat Toys - The toys that your cat will play with during their stay will be boxed away and kept for the next time they visit.
wchourservicesbulletpoint Collection and Delivery Service is available on request (additional charges apply).
wchourservicesbulletpoint Nervous Pets are catered for.
wchourservicesbulletpoint If you wish you may spend a little time settling your cat in before you leave.
wchourservicesbulletpoint Individual tastes are catered for and regular meal times are adhered to!
wchourservicesbulletpoint Discounts are available for more than one cat and long term visits over 30 days.
wchourservicesbulletpoint Guests have their own 24 sq ft exercise area with scratch posts, shelving and complimentary toys.  Each room is fitted with full height sneeze barriers so each cat can see its neighbour but there can be no direct contact.
wchourservicesbulletpoint All units are fitted with thermostatically controlled radiators and at no extra charge.

Large sliding doors are opened on good days giving lots of fresh air or they are closed to keep out rain, snow and winds!